Monday, March 28, 2011


Well we are loving the new addition to our family and we think that she is just as cute as can be!! She is a super good baby!

And we are loving all the other new additions that seem to add just a little bit more chaos to our lives!

Know anyone who wants a puppy for Easter??

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newborn Pics!

Kenzington's newborn photo shoot!

Of course we had to get some family pictures and Brooklyn pictures too!

Kenzington's Baby Blessing!

We blessed Kenzington Kay on March 6th, 2011. She was given a beautiful blessing by her father. Kenzington looked like such a little princess in her white dress.
We made it kind of a rushed decision to bless her on the 6th, because my Dad has been having major health concerns, and I really wanted him to be there for Kenzington's big day. To put it simply, his brain cancer is back and they have also found cancer in his pancreas. He had brain surgery the very next day after Kenzi's blessing. He is doing well, considering the circumstances.
We held a luncheon up at the University Inn. It was so fun to have so many friends and family come support us. Thanks!

Recent Happenings

We just got back from a road trip to Arizona for Brandon's friend Tyson Christensen's Wedding to Valerie Hemminger. It was a super hot outdoor wedding, but very beautiful.

Brandon was one of Tyson's groomsmen. Another groomsmen passed out from heat exhaustion just before the bride and groom kissed. It was seriously that hot.

We left Brooklyn with Brandon's parents for some quality bonding time and took Kenzington with us. I really don't think Brooklyn would have liked the 13 hour road trip. It is so nice having family you can count on. Kenz was such a good little traveler.

I just have to share how in love Brooklyn is with her baby sister. Kenzington is Brooklyn's best friend, but I'm not sure how Kenzi feels about it quite yet. We sure have a good time though. (Brooklyn thinks she has to be in the bouncer with Kenzi. . . pretty sure there has to be a weight limit on the bouncer.)

Our morning routine of Brooklyn begging to "ho der, ho der!"
Any time I am trying to rock, feed, cuddle, or sing-to Kenzington, Brooklyn has to be right there in the action. She not jealous, just wants to help. And sometimes Maggie wants to help too!