Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby update!

I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast this 9 month journey has flown by, but now it's really starting to drag on. I went to the doctors today. I'm dilated to a three and 60% effaced! This makes me so happy, because I still remember that after 24 hours of hard labor with Brooklyn, I was only dilated to a one!! :( (Not one of my fondest memories!) Guess that's what happens when they start you at 35 weeks. Granted my joy of the doctor telling me that I am dilated to a three soon passed when he said, "I had a patient that was dilated to a 5 for three weeks!" Ugh!! However, I am having lots of contractions, so hopefully we will have this baby sooner rather than later.

Brandon has been gone for the past week to Washington DC to present his paper to the Transportation Research Board. We neither one realized at the time of his paper submission that the conference would happen this close to our baby's due date. Brooklyn has been an angel while he has been gone, but it is the day to day stuff that is really getting to me. Bending over in the tub to try and give her a bath, when her toys get stuck underneath the couch, loading her in and out of the car, etc. . . all of these relatively simple tasks are becoming somewhat difficult. (All manageable, but boy do I miss his help.)

Brooklyn felt the baby kick for the first time and you should have seen the look on her face. Priceless!! She was so shocked and excited. She looked up and said "BABY SIZZTER??!!" I love that she is understanding what is going on. I am sad however, that due to flu season Brooklyn is not allowed to see the baby until we bring her home. :( My doctor did say that he would induce me a week early. I just wanted to get opinions on induction, and also going natural verses an epidural. What are your thoughts??

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green River Christmas!

We seriously had a month long break, so hopefully our families didn't get to sick of us hanging around. We drove to Green River Christmas Day. All the girls had fun with Brooklyn's new doll house.

Then our creativity came out when we made Gingerbread houses. Brandon obviously couldn't just build a house, his inner-engineer came out and he built a suspension bridge.

It turned into a "who has the most candy on their house" contest for the little kids. All of our houses!

We also were able to visit Green Rivers newest attraction . . . The Golden Ratio!

Apparently there are only six in the entire world, and the top is covered in solid gold leaf. Pretty impressive for such a small rural town.

Our niece Jocelyn Brady was baptized on January 8th! It was a very spiritual baptism. We are so proud of her and her decision to get baptized.

Christmas Eve and CHRISTMAS!!

The Aagard Christmas party is one of my favorite traditions. Brooklyn sang "Once there was a Snowman" with Brandon to earn her present. Brooklyn is starting to sing a lot lately.

Brooklyn helping Uncle Scott read the story of Christ's birth.

Christmas was awesome! Someone got a little spoiled, and she loved it!

She was excited about the littlest things . . . SOAP!!

I was worried that Brooklyn would get bored opening clothes after opening toys, but she was just as excited about clothes as she was the toys!! My favorite reaction was her high-pitched happy voice saying "JAMMIES!!"

Brooklyn got a new baby doll, stroller, and accessories. She is so cute with her baby. She's getting some good practice in for her new baby sister!

We were able to attend Jessica and Coby's baby, Kayson's, blessing. Coby did a great job and they have such a cute little family. Here are all of the Aagard Granddaughters at the luncheon in their matching dresses that Grandma Aagard gave them. Such cute girls!


Brandon and I had my parents watch Brooklyn on the 23rd of December and we were able to go to the Annual Christmas Nogger with a bunch of our friends!

The boys had a beard growing contest.

We seriously know some of the funniest people that you will ever meet.

The sweaters were all pretty awesome, and though Brandon and I didn't win the sweater or beard contest, I think we do win for the most redneck couple. :) (The prego belly pretty much wins it for you everytime!)

Family Christmas Party!

We had our annual Olsen Family Christmas Party on the 18th of December in Mount Pleasant, Utah. We were so lucky that Santa was able to make time in his busy schedule to come and visit us.

This was the year to see whether or not Brooklyn would be scared of Santa.

Yep, she pretty much loved him!

Brooklyn is 5 million times more scared of the doctor than she is of Santa. Even when Santa was leaving she kept running up to him to jingle his belt of bells. :)

We got together with the cousins a lot over the Christmas Break! My mom and dad sure know how to throw a party... well, let's just say my mom does. :)

Brandon and Emily.

Little Cheese Ball.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once there was a Snowman!

Brooklyn has been slightly obsessed with Snowman this winter. She see's one and won't stop repeating the word "No-Man" for hours! :)

We took advantage of the huge snow storms that they had in Fountain Green while we were there.

Brooklyn LOVED playing in the snow, even with her over-sized gloves!

Pony Tail

Before we left for our LONG Christmas Break/Vacation, I noticed Brooklyn's hair was rather long.

Just figured that this was a monumental day in the life of a girl . . .

Brooklyn's first full Pony Tail!!