Monday, September 26, 2011

2 month recap!

The last 2 months have probably been the craziest, fun, out-of-control, bi-polar, two months of our married lives thus far. Brandon started his job with Johansen & Tuttle Engineering in Castle Dale, Utah. He is loving it. He is currently working on a project for 90 days in Green River reconstructing the state park road. Brandon's parents were nice enough to let us move in with them for the time being, so that Brandon would be close to work and we could start the house hunt. We can't thank them enough for the kindness that they have shown us!

We took family pictures with the Aagard Family. My dad started chemo. He had a really rough go the first week and was back in the hospital 2 days after getting home because he was so weak. They did a feeding tube and a pic line, and after another week he was able to come back home. He had us all really worried for a bit. He had a fever that just wouldn't break. Can I just say it is so so hard seeing him like this. He is my hero! He is fighting and will continue to fight. He started second round on chemo this week. It will hopefully be better than the first week.

Kenzington had her 6 month birthday! :) We love our little chubba lubba!

She is off the charts weighing in at a whopping 23 lbs! She is rolling, sitting, and starting to crawl. She does an inch worm sort of movement to get things she wants and laughs so hard at anything Brooklyn does. My favorite thing is watching the two of them interact! Kenz has been such a joy to have around.

House hunting has been so much fun..... However, it is much more of a process than they make it seem on HGTV! :) We went through over 20 houses and we really didn't LOVE LOVE anything. Ugh! Then building became an option. We got pre-approved, picked plans, went to look at a house with a similar floor plans, found a lot, and were well on our way to building. Then a Castle Dale friend stopped to tell us about a foreclosure that just came on the market, so we thought why not look at it. I mean we hadn't committed 100% yet to build, so it couldn't hurt to look at one more house. We fell in LOVE with it and all of the possibilities! It felt so right for us. And even better we got it for a steal of a deal cause it was foreclosed!

Luckily our lender has been right on top of things and we were able to switch from building (construction loan, property loan, and a mortgage), to a rural loan on a foreclosure. It worked of perfectly that we were already pre-approved, because we were able to put in an offer the following day.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster!! (What if we don't get it?? What if our offer's too low and someone else bid higher?! I want that HOUSE!! I NEED that HOUSE!!) We didn't hear back for 24 hours and then finally after 48 hours we knew that they had accepted our offer!! Yay! Biggest relief.

Now we are just working on paperwork and will hopefully sign in a week or so. (Paperwork takes FOREVER! Plus it is so much more paperwork for a foreclosure!) We've completed the inspection and appraisal. Talk about problems with getting everyone organized to get the inspection done! The electricity wasn't working because Rocky Mtn. Power forgot to turn it on, same story with the water, and the gas lines needed to be bled in order for them to work properly..... ugh! A few curse words later, things got done and we passed the inspection with flying colors. :) So that's where we are at with the house.

We are just trying to enjoy this crazy journey that we are on right now. Living in the moment. We are loving the time that we get to spend here with family, parents, and cousins. Hopefully we will be in our own place soon, but for now we are just extremely grateful to have such a great family and support system!