Friday, April 29, 2011

The girls!

I just wanted to quickly jot down some of the cute little things that my little girls do to make me smile.

She is seriously getting so big! Some of the things she is doing....
~She is smiling all the time now! All you have to do is look at her. She gets really big grins when Brooklyn talks to her.
~Kenz tries to have a conversation with anyone if you sit and talk to her. She just keeps the "coo's" going and going. It's my favorite.
~She is basically sitting up. Probably because her little belly is so big that she can't really fall over. :)
~She is sleeping through the night. Kenz sleeps from about 10:30pm to 6am. She has been doing this since 6 weeks.
~Kenz hates her belly. She gets so grumpy if left on her belly for more than 5 minutes.
~She is starting to reach up and grab things. It is still pretty uncoordinated but you can tell she is focusing so hard.
~On a not so happy note, Kenzington has had two ear infections already. The doctors don't seem too concerned, but Brooklyn never had an ear infection, so it worries me a little. Despite the ear infections Kenz is a really happy, content baby.

Where do I start with this little spit fire...
~She is repeating EVERYTHING! There is nothing she can't say. Even when Brandon and I try to whisper and have a private conversation, she will catch something and repeat it back.
~Brooklyn loves to sing! Her favortie songs are "Amazing" by Bruno Mars and Justin Biebers "Baby". She runs to the computer every morning saying "Baby, Baby, eewwww .... pease, baby, baby eewwww." She's two and already caught the Bieber fever.
~She comes in our room every morning saying "Hi mommy! Hi mommy!"
~If you laugh at her she will keep doing the thing that you laughed at over and over again. She is so funny when she says "Pepperoni, water, or rooster." She will just keep repeating those words if you laugh at her.
~She sleeps in her big girl bed and loves it! She goes to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 without a fuss, peep, or fight. I often sit by her door as she sings herself to sleep.
~Brooklyn counts to ten and says her ABC's so well. (I'll try to get a video of it soon, but she is super camera shy.) She can't ever stop counting at like 5 or 6, it is always to 10. She recognizes numbers and letters on signs, books, letters, etc.
~If you tell Brooklyn to hurry she'll run as fast as her little legs can go, which looks like more of a march in place.
~She really recognizes emotions. She comes up to me with a frowny face an says, "Mommy sad!" She kisses me and then smiles saying, "Mommy happy!"
~I know when I am looking good, because I'll walk into the room and Brooklyn will say, "woot woot mommy" or "mommy cute". This just makes my day!
~Brooklyn says she needs to go potty like 20 times a day. Not my favorite thing, but at least she is interested. She goes in the toilet maybe like twice or three times of those 20. Ugh!
~She loves making her little sister smile. She will do anything I ask, as long as it is for Kenzington or to make Kenzington happy. She's quite the little helper.

There are times when being a mom is very trying, but when my kids make me smile or laugh it is all worth it. I just want to hold on to every memory because they grow-up and change so fast.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West Desert Camping Trip!

Easter weekend was our annual camping trip with the Aagard family. We seriously had a blast, even though we spent most of the camping trip in the sheep camp.
It was a little too cold for Kenzington outside, so she got the spoiled treatment, and I benefited as well, by being able to sleep inside the sheep camp. Brandon and Brooklyn roughed it outside in the tent.

Brooklyn didn't seem to mind the bad weather. She was constantly finding something to entertain herself.

Whether it be trying to catch bugs and horny-toads, (She kept trying to kiss it! Gross!)

or just playing in the dirt. (Which we couldn't keep her out of!)

This girl knows how to make a good time out of any situation. (A lesson that I still need to learn sometimes.)

After getting all dirty we couldn't go to bed that way, so we had bathtime.

Kenz didn't want to miss out on any of the action either.

Seriously though, have you ever seen a baby with this many rolls at two months?!?! She is such a cute little chunk!

I was pretty sure the Easter Bunny wouldn't come because of how many rabbits Brandon and Coby had shot, but somehow he found us anyway.

Brooklyn loved all the candy and egg hunts. She would follow anyone around until they would open some more candy for her. (She's a girl after my own heart.)

The weather wasn't the only misery we encountered on this trip. Every vehicle but ours had some sort of mishap. Two flat tires and a broken truck later we finally made it home.

Despite all of the problems along the way, it is always fun spending time with family to make memories while you have the time. My dad's cancer that was removed from his brain FIVE WEEKS AGO showed up AGAIN on his most recent MRI!! They believe it is a cyst, but they will have to operate and remove it again just to be sure. He just can't seem to catch a break. So the pancreatic cancer is on hold for now until they get things with the brain in order. We love our dad and grandpa, so hopefully they can just beat this stupid cancer. Until it is beat we are trying to take that lesson from little Brooklyn and turn a bad situation around as much as we can. LOVE YOU DAD!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Brooklyn's birthday started out with her usual morning routine . . . playing with her little pals!

I can't believe that my little Brooklyn is two years old! Her birthday party was a blast. We first went to the mall with all of my sister, my mom, and Brandon's brother's Shawn and Nicolas. (Where we did some shopping for my birthday! It is so weird that I am now 27...sounds so old.) I LOVE shopping with my sisters!! Brooklyn loved playing with all of her Aagard cousins on the playground in the Orem mall. She really loved the water sculpture thing and I couldn't say "no" to her playing in it and getting all wet because... well it's her birthday!

It was so much fun with all the little ones around.

We then went to Chucky Cheese where Brooklyn had the time of her life. She would barely sit still to open her presents. She just wanted to play all the games and ride all the little mechanical cars.

She loved her Minnie Mouse cake! I'm pretty proud of this cake because Brandon did most of the icing while I was feeding Kenzington!! How many dad's can do that?? :)

She really dug into her cake this year! She loves Minnie Mouse.

By the end of the day she was completely wiped out! She pulled her hood over her head and that's how she fell asleep! Our fun little two year old!! (While her and Kenzi were sleeping we took a stroll down memory lane stopping in Bountiful at the place we stayed while Brooklyn was in the NICU. Forever grateful for the miracle of her life!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

2 Months and 2 Years!

Kenzington and Brooklyn both had to see the doctor at the same time; Kenz for her two month appointment and Brooklyn for her 2 year appointment! Double the shots equals double the frazzled mom! (Yep, Brandon definitely came to this appointment.) However, I am happy to report that both girls are doing amazing! Kenzington has jumped from the 30th percentile to the 96th percentile in weight, weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs. 8 oz.!! (Our pediatrician made some reference to Cache Valley being known for their good Milk cows ... I thought it was pretty funny.) She's our little chub and we love her!! Brooklyn now weighs 28 lbs. and is in the 70th percentile for both weight and height. I still can't believe that our little miracle is turning two tomorrow!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little BROOKLYN PAIGE! We love you! (Pics of her birthday to come soon!)