Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Parties!


On the 17th of December we met in Mt. Pleasant for the Olsen Party! The kids liked Santa. This was our first official Santa sighting of this year, and Brooklyn was so excited to see him.

Kenz had a mixed reaction. At first she liked him, but the longer we sat on his lap the more she didn't like him.

Brooklyn made off with her candy as soon as Santa gave it to her.

Santa gave Brandon some beautiful undergarments. :)

And since Brooklyn loves wearing big girl panties,... well she automatically assumed they were for her. :) And they definitely were some "BIG GIRL" panties. (She still asks to wear them sometimes.)


December 22nd was "THE" Nogger!! Good times were had by all in attendance. The "BIG GIRL" Panties made their second Christmas Party appearance...yes, sorry Jake those were re-gifted.

Ugly Sweaters and Crazy boys at their finest!

All girls team for Christmas Cranium.

All boys team.

Love these good friends!! It's always a party worth attending! (This year it was a sleepover! Yeah! Don't get many of those anymore.)


Christmas Eve was a blast. Brooklyn was everywhere all at once, because there were so many fun cousins to play with, hence she would not sit for our family pic. (It's all right,... Kenz got more mommy & daddy time on her first Christmas.)

When it came to opening presents Brooklyn did show up. She and I did a little piano singing performance to get our gifts. Daddy and Kenz did some dancing and told highlights of 2011. I swear someone was playing a joke on Brooklyn and I because we opened 3 empty presents! It was pretty funny to see her reaction to nothing. She'd just go up and grab another one, like "huh, no big deal".

After a good meal and fabulous party we went back to my parents and opened our jammies. (What is a good age to stop doing the matching thing? :))

My Dad is doing so great. Finally finished with Chemo! You can see the personality and life coming back to him in this classy no-teeth pose with me.

Love my dad! After toasting to a successful year and the miracles we have seen. We then drove back to Castle Dale to have our first Christmas in our new home!!


Christmas at our new house was a blast. Santa spoiled us all! Brooklyn loved all her princess stuff, dress up clothes, barbies, hot pink race track, and babies.

She really loved her and Kenzi's little color-me play house. We all (yes all four of us) played and ate stocking candy in there all morning! Kenz just wanted to be inside and look out the windows.

We all ate up our reindeer waffles. They were yummy!

We let Kenzington sleep in, as she is not the early riser that Brooklyn is. When Kenz got up she was so happy and excited to play with her ball popper, babies, blocks, puzzles, pop-up toys, and barbies. We were so enthralled with her excitement that we kind of spaced taking anymore pictures. But all in all we had an awesome Christmas!!


Christmas Evening was spent in Green River. Brooklyn and Kaylee playing on the IPAD. Such cute girls. We again got spoiled with Christmas presents.

We all went out to eat breakfast together. Grandpa is seriously so cute with all his little grand-daughters.

This little one loves to play with her Grandpa!

This years gingerbread creations!

We had so many fun parties and made so many great memories! We LOVE Christmas!

Shailyer! :)

One of my very besties from the mission and life, Shailyn Rasmussen got married! This girl really means the world to me and has always been such a good friend. I couldn't miss her wedding for anything!! So off I went to Tennessee.

It was not exactly impeccable time with closing on the house, but hey... had to be there for my buddy. Everything worked out perfectly anyways. And I'm so glad I got to meet Tyler. He his hilarious and perfect for my girl Shai.

The Tennessee LDS Temple was beautiful. Such an amazing experience. Met a lady and her baby there. Her baby had a skin disease, but was absolutely the cutest thing. The baby loved my bracelets and so I just gave them to her, because she was such a little miracle and anything to brighten her day. (I love these time of random, heart-warming interactions with people.) It made me miss my little babies who were safe at home with dad.

For Shai's bachelorette party we went out to eat, played some games, and then went to... BREAKING DAWN!! (I'm such a tween at heart...loved it.) Shai looked like the perfect little bride-to-be princess!

The day was beautiful and the reception a blast. So Shai! My two favorite things at the reception was the food and the photo booth. The food: Waffles and Chicken Strips... served with bottle Dr. Pepper. The photo booth: Instant memories and then you signed your name in a book along with your photos.

It was a beautiful wedding. Shai and Tyler are going to be so happy. I am so glad that I could be apart of their special day!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Memories of time spent in Green River

This is a picture overloaded quick recap of some of our memories from short time in Green River.

Despite Kenzi's.... uh "robust" stature... she has never really cared much for baby food. Brandon devised this brilliant plan of placing spoonfuls of her food on the lemon bottle and then she would suck it off herself. It actually worked beautifully, but messily too. :) She thought she was so big doing it herself.

Brandon's mom had told me several times about how when she was little her mom use to do her hair up in rags. So we revisited those memories by trying on my hair. We literally cut up a towel and rolled my hair up in it. It was slightly a fro, but pretty fun experiment.

When we took Kenzington in for her 2 week check up after her ear surgery, Brooklyn fell trying to run into the doctors. She got her first fat lip. :( She was pretty proud of it though.

(Have I mentioned Brooklyn LOVES the doctors? That's while she was running and tripped. She can never get in to see the nurses fast enough. Reason: She associates it with the sucker that she gets after.)

Brooklyn and Kaylee are seriously the cutest little buddies. They show what I like to call "tough love" to each other. Sometimes they are so sweet, but cause they are the same size they can sometimes get into it too.

Free fish day in Green River. The whole city was out to the pond.

Dad and Brooklyn fishing unsuccessfully.

Mom and Kenz fishing successfully. (Probably the worlds smallest catch, but I was stoked! Kenz was just wanted to suck on the pole, so I'm suprised we caught anything.)

Brandon's converts from his mission to Mexico City came to visit us. Luis and Sandra Ramirez. They were so sweet and brought us and our girls all sorts of delicacies from Mexico.

Halloween was a blast in Green River. We went to a local growers patch to pick our pumpkins. So much fun trying to pick out the perfect one.

K seriously though Kaylee and Brooklyn are the bestest buddies.

Let the carving begin!

We had to find a very large pumpkin for this little tub-a-lub! :)

The grand-daughters.

Brooklyn fit in the pumpkin better than Kenzington did. :)

All lit up!

Brooklyn was so into Halloween this year. She would really run from house to house. SO FUN!! I was so into it, cause she was seriously so giddy! Our little super girl.

We couldn't get her to hold still for a picture... she was too anxious to trick-or-treat the next house.

Kenz our little Frog!

Brooklyn decided she wanted to sleep off the bed on the floor. Halloween really wiped her out.

Potty training is done! (I hated every minute of it!) Brooklyn is getting so big and is such good big sister. I can't believe all that she can do to help me out. I LOVE her so much.

In the few months that we were in Green River, Kenz learned to roll, crawl, and stand-up next to things!! It seriously amazes me just how fast those little phases of learning go by. She is such a little sweet heart! I LOVE her!!

We had a really good time in Green River! We enjoyed all the memories made there, and are so happy to be living so close to our amazing families!!