Friday, July 29, 2011

Life in the fast lane....

Lately we have been going a mile a minute. We left on a week long vacation to Alaska (Alaska deserves its own post when life gets a little less hectic. Alaska was actually a Transportation Engineering Conference for Brandon, but I got to tag along with.) We spent a week in Fountain Green for Lamb Days (also deserves its own post). We have been avidly working on refinishing our baby grand piano, and it is looking so good. We took family pictures in Fairview with the Aagard family (pics to come). All in the past three weeks while Brandon finished his thesis, passed his defense committee, and has been applying and interviewing for jobs!!

~Breathe~ Thus blogging has been pushed to the back burner.

So this is just a quick post to keep you informed. Jobs are looking very promising! Now it is trying to figure out what will be the best move for Brandon's career and for our family. It seriously STRESSES me out, but it is so exciting for our family! I so afraid of accepting a job only to have our dream job be offered to us the next day. Ugh! I guess it will all work out, but our life could seriously go in so many different directions, because there are just SO many decisions! (... what job to take (anywhere from Alaska to Maine), rent vs. buy vs. build, commuting or relocating, school districts for our kids, city vs. small town, etc.) I know we will end up where we are suppose to be, but until decided I'm sure I'll continue to stress. Stay continued for the next chapter of our life!!!!!