Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day!!

We got Brooklyn home just in time for mother's day. I am absolutely loving being a mom, though I wish there was some way being a mom could include more sleep. :) Brandon made the day really special. He got me some flowers and a boppy pillow (nursing pillow), which I have decided is a must have for first time moms who plan on nursing. My mom was also up here over mother's day to help with the new baby. She is the best mom ever!! I love her so much and can't imagine going through this past month without her. I realize more and more just what mom's go through for their kids and how unconditional their love is. Happy Mother's Day!!Here is Brooklyn's Nursery. I think it turned out pretty cute. Props to Shai and Debbie Rasmussen for making the bedding!! You guys are awesome!


After a month of being in the Neo-natal intensive care unit, Brooklyn was finally released!! She, or should I say we, were released on May 8th, 2009. I think that I am going to be an overly paranoid mom because of all of the things that I saw in the NICU. The hardest part about being in there was seeing your little baby in pain, and knowing there was nothing you could personally do. It is amazing though what doctors and nurses can do. We had to put all of our faith and trust in them and in the Lord. It all worked out for us, but some other families were not so lucky. That was so hard!! Watching these wonderful parents have to make decisions to let their babies go. Just thinking about it makes me cry. Brandon and I would just bawl. We will forever be changed by this experience. We will probably never understand why it happened, but will be eternally grateful that are little girl made it. We love her and are so glad she is now home!! This is the start of a brand new adventure.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Making Progress!

Brooklyn has now been in the hospital for a little over 3 weeks. During this time we have had a lot of ups and downs, progression and set backs, but she is steadily improving. Brooklyn was finally able to have her first taste of milk which was a huge relief. She took it like a champ and couldn't get enough of it. The doctors are slowly increasing her feedings on a daily basis, so as not to overwhelm her intestines. It was extremely difficult to say the least, for our little family while Brandon was commuting back and forth for school. We are all hoping that he passed his finals considering the intense stress we have all been facing.

I feel lucky to have a husband and a baby as amazing and strong as these two are. Brandon is always there to catch me when I fall. Most literally a couple of days ago when I passed out. It had been almost 3 weeks after delivery and I have been feeling really good. We went to visit a friend who has cancer, who is also up here in Primary Children's. I felt really light headed and just passed out. Brandon caught me just before I hit the floor. I was taken to the ER, where they ran every kind of test possible. After being in the ER all afternoon and evening, they told me that they couldn't pin point any actual cause, and that is was probably just stress. Duh!! You think??!!

(Yes, this bow is way to big for her head, it made us laugh really hard.) Hopefully we will get Brooklyn home soon. We are praying for this coming weekend as it is Mother's Day. That would be the best present ever, just to get our baby home.