Monday, February 8, 2016

Chipmunks and Chipettes Birthday... Kenzi's 5!

I had so much fun with Kenzington's birthday this year! I wish time could just stand still sometimes. My kiddos are seriously growing up way too fast.

When I asked Kenz what kind of birthday cake she wanted, she said, "A Chipette birthday cake!" What?! My first thoughts were... "Really?! There are so many different princesses and frozen stuff you can get... And you want Chipmunks?! Do they even sell that stuff?" Well nostalgia and the craft bug kicked in an the rest is history. (I thought Pinterest would be my friend to plan a chipmunks birthday, but there was really nothing on there.) It was seriously so much fun for me! I based the whole theme off of the Chipmunks Adventure from the 80's. My sisters and I loved that show when we were little.

Her invites were movie ticket stubs. So to kick off her party we let Kenzington open one present early, which was the "Chipmunks Adventure." Then we watched the movie which the kids loved... and I'm not going to lie, I loved too.

In the movie they race in hot air balloons around the world to gather up dolls. So of course we had to have little hot air balloons as part of the decor.

I ordered miniature Chipmunk dolls off e-bay to use as Cake toppers and play a Chipmunk adventure game with. The kids had to "race" around the house to gather up all the dolls. (It was a glorified treasure hunt with cookies at the end. (See below.)

We also played a game I entitle... "Feed Elenor." (A variation on Bean Bag toss.)The kids got a kick out of trying to feed the chipmunk by throwing stuff through her mouth.

And the take-away prizes were hot air balloons too! I bought little basket at the thrift store and tied them with tool. (I'm not a huge believer in take-away prizes but once I had the idea i couldn't help myself.)

As for the cake it was a Raspberry Pistachio Marscarpone and it was AWESOME! Pistachios are Kenz's favorite so I just pinterested "Pistacio cake" and it was one of the ones that came up. And since raspberries are her favorite fruit I thought it would be perfect. It did not disappoint!
The rose tarts were pretty fun to make too. They look super fancy, but really weren't hard and they tasted amazing! But then again I am a sucker for french pastries. (See Apple Tart Rose for Recipe.)

Kenzington's Chipmunk and Chipette birthday party was seriously one of the most fun parties I have ever thrown. I loved it and Kenzi LOVED it!! There are so many fun directions that you could take this theme.