Friday, May 28, 2010

Custom Nurseries

With the encouragement of friends and family I have decided to make my hobby known to the world. I LOVE SEWING!! Favorite thing to sew, anything that has to do with a baby.

Upon request, this past year I have made five different sets of crib bedding for family and friends. The thing I love about making crib bedding is you can personalize and customize everything!

So I've started a blog with samples of things that have been made, decor, blankets, etc.

Custom Nurseries

Let me know if there is anything that I can tailor make for you! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brandon's Birthday!

The big 28! Brandon had a great birthday! We celebrated at Texas Roadhouse with his parents. It was so nice to have Mom and Dad Brady come up even if it was just for a short visit. Brandon got the saddle at Texas Roadhouse... I think he took Brooklyn on with him for moral support. :) She loved it.

We love when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit.
Daddy given Brooklyn her first taste of ribs! Yum!
On a side note, Brooklyn has recently learned how to tease Maggie with her toys. It is so funny. She will wave the dog toy around and just giggle. Brandon and I get a kick out of it.
All in all Brandon had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Brandon!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day, Anniversary, and Brooklyn!

April and May seem to be our busiest months. There are all sorts of festivities going on. Recently, we had mother's day. I was spoiled on Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed, gifts, and kisses from my baby! I love being a mom!! There is nothing more rewarding than watching your child learn, grow, and discover new things. Recently, Brooklyn has taken quite a few steps on her own. She is oh-so-close to just taking off. She has been crawling the stairs for awhile... which totally freaks me out. I am constantly behind her or I have to have the baby gate up. She is saying all sorts of new words and reminds me of a little parrot by how she tries to repeat things. Brooklyn is our tall and skinny girl. She is 30.5 inches long and weighs 20 lbs. She is just so active that she has stayed at 20 lbs since she was 9 months. (Maybe crawling could be the new weight loss fad for us adults!)
Brooklyn was doing so many of these things today that I had to bust out the camera. She has been getting into the cupboards for awhile now. "Opps, I've been caught!"Here she is holding my one hand and walking. Almost there with walking. She claps and cheers whenever she thinks something is fun or entertains her.
Brandon and I also celebrated our Anniversary on the 11th of May. 3 years and happy as can be!! I love being to married to my best friend and baby's daddy! You should just see how he interacts with Brooklyn, I love watching them play together. We really didn't do to much for our Anniversary since we were both pretty banged up from the accident. As we were lying in bed we both got a good chuckle because we could only touch each others hands with out causing the other pain. (Sucks, because I am a major snuggler! Holding hands is good too.)

Brandon has been accepted for a fellowship at Utah State for his masters. His masters will be paid for and he will receive a monthly stipen, so we will be pretty hooked up for this next year. I get anxious for him to be done with school, mostly because I want to know where we will move to and end up. For now though I guess that I must enjoy the journey. I really do like Logan and Box Elder County. I have come to find out that they don't call this Box Elder County for no reason. We have box elder bugs everywhere! (They are harmless, but because they are everywhere I hate them!) We have a new pet because of them. He comes back every spring and summer and lives under our porch. Meet "Slitherin". I don't know where he came from, but he takes care of the bugs and spiders, so he is welcome to stay.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


For Mother's Day weekend Brandon, Brooklyn, and I headed down to Green River. On Friday, May 7th we decided to take Brandon's brother Keith's 4-wheeler out for a spin. (Brooklyn was not with us on the ride!) Brandon is slightly an adrenaline junky, so he wanted to go down the biggest hill. It was all fun until our last run down. Brandon's exact words, "Pop it into 5th gear! It's way more fun!" I don't remember much after that. (These pictures look much better than how I looked the day of. These were three days after the accident.)

I was knocked out and had a pretty good concussion. I was taken by ambulance to the Grand Junction, CO. Hospital. I was in an out of it. I had some swelling in the brain, but no internal bleeding. Brandon got some pretty good scrapes himself.

We are both doing fine. I am good as long as I am taking my pain pills. We are just grateful that we are both okay, it really could have been a lot worse.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SSTC, Baby Blessing, and Docking Sheep!

I have been blessed to work with the Software and Systems Technology Conference for the past three years. It's normally the perfect mommy job, because I can go in for a couple of hours here and there, work some from home, set my own schedule, etc. It has seriously been so great and I love it. However, we work the whole year planning one BIG conference for the US Department of Defense, and when conference time comes it is a whole different story.
Luckily the conference this year was in Salt Lake City. (In past years it has been in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.) Normally, I love the business life of traveling to different cities and conferences, but when you have kids it is a lot different. I had to schedule my mom to come up to SLC and watch her, Brandon took off school for two days, and then my friend watched her the last day. So while normally the perfect job with kids, the past week was slightly stressful. I'm so glad that I don't have to leave Brooklyn like this all the time. There are all sorts of "Jack Bauer" type of people that come to this conference. So it pretty much makes me like "Chloe O'Brien." :) (Just a reference for all you 24 fans.)

"Voicemale" came and performed. I didn't know that one of the singers is from Sanpete County. He asked the entire audience if anyone new where that is. Being from Sanpete, I of course raised my hand. Totally embarassed after he pointed me out in front of all the DoD Government Officials.

All in all, everything went great with the conference, but I was glad to get back home.

Brandon received a call from his brother on Friday seeing if we could come down for their baby Elli's blessing on Sunday. So after one full day back at home we were off again. We didn't get any pictures of her at the blessing, but look at all of her dark hair! So crazy how much Elli looks like her mom and Baylan looks like his dad.
While we were down for Elli's blessing my dad asked us to help dock sheep. Brandon had his first sheep docking experience. I think he is a farmer at heart, because he really liked helping with the docking. Brooklyn absolutely loves the little lambs. She says "baa" everytime she sees one. Good times!