Friday, January 29, 2010

Man's best friend!

So the other day I was running the water to get Brooklyn into the tub. Brooklyn is getting to the point where she stands really well when she has something to hold on to. With me helping her, she walked right over to the tub and wanted to splash her hands around in it. Instantly her best bud Maggie was right by her side.
It was seriously the cutest thing ever! They were both just standing up against the tub. Brooklyn kept giggling and they would just look back and forth at each other.
I love Brooklyn's little chubby leg rolls. Her rolls have gotten a lot smaller since she has started moving around. I'm pretty sure Maggie and Brooklyn both wanted to jump in the tub. I have heard so many stories of dogs reacting badly to babies, . . . running away several times a day, throwing up, diarrhea, eating baby's pajama's and diapers, chewing up bottles, and eating breast pump accessories, . . . I could go on and on about the stories I've heard. However, guess we are some of the lucky ones because we have had no trouble at all. Maggie just loves Brooklyn. She has become very protective of Brooklyn. We are really grateful for such a good little dog.More on Brooklyn. Brooklyn is constantly smiling when she is in the bath tub. She just loves it! Bath time is seriously one of my favorites because of how much she enjoys it and how cute she is.Besides standing up really well while holding on to things, Brooklyn is also crawling. Well I guess that what you call it. She is so funny when she crawls. This is how she does it. She is up on all fours and does a bear crawl. Brooklyn is seriously growing up way to fast.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama, Transportation Research Board, and Flight Home!

January 13th 2010, Day 8:
Brandon, Brooklyn, and I went out for breakfast and we couldn't pass up these great shirts!!
I'm Obama girl! My shirt is seriously b-dazzled with Obama's Face. Gotta support the Prez!Brandon went to a few more Transportation meetings and then it was off for our flight home!!It was seriously such a fun trip, but it was way nice to be heading home. Here are my two little book worms, reading on the airplane. Too cute!Brooklyn loved looking at the city lights from out of the airplane window. It was such an amazing trip!! It's really nice to come home to your own bed though, and I'm sure that Brooklyn was glad to be out of the suitcase. :)
P.S. Jessica and I about pee'd our pants in New York, because while walking to Times Square we saw a group of Cowboys. They kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. Anyways we saw Ty Murray!! All you bull riding fans will know who he is! Way cool!

Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon, National Archives, and US Capitol!

January 12th 2010, Day 7:
Today was our last full day in Washington D.C. so we were trying to cram everything in. Our first stop was Arlington National Cemetery. It was huge!! Graves for miles and miles! We were able to witness the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. They have someone guarding the tomb of the unknowns 24/7. These guards have to fit a certain weight, height, and be the top of their regiment to even qualify to be a guard here. Tomb of the Unknowns.Here lies President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The tour people were all smitten by Brooklyn. We stopped by the Pentagon. It wasn't anything too spectacular, because we were not able to get on a tour group to go inside. Then we went to the National Archives. We saw many famous US History Documents. Here below is the Declaration of Independence. You can barely make out what it says anymore. It's a good thing we have more readable copies. Here is the famous Hope Diamond!! Jessica and I both decided that our husbands need to get us a diamond upgrade. :) We also saw a 3D Film called the "Wild Ocean." It was slightly tree-huggerish, but still really cool to see in 3D.Brooklyn kept trying to eat the glasses of whoever was holding her. She'd only keep them on for a little while, and then she'd try to eat them. Our last tourist stop of the day was the US Capitol. Brandon made the comment, "Why doesn't the President just live here?? It's way bigger than the White House." :)
The Capitol is much bigger than the White House, but it is used for a meeting place of the United States Congress, and the Legislature of the Federal Government of the United States. So I guess Obama will have to stay in his little shack of a house for now. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

D.C. Monuments and Smithsonian's!

January 11th 2010, Day 6:
We started off today by going to the Washington Monument. It is made of Marble but the very tippy top is Aluminum. Aluminum use to be more precious than gold, . . . that is until they found that Aluminum can be found everywhere.They were giving free tours to the Top of Washington Monument, so we couldn't pass that up. Brandon and Brooklyn with the statue of George Washington, waiting to take the elevator up. The view from the top was amazing!! We were able to see the White House, US Capitol,Jefferson Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial. Then it was off to the White House. It was well guarded to say the least. Security was all over the place.The next stop was the World War II Memorial. Both mine and Brandon's grandpa's were in the Air Force of WWII.
Lincoln Memorial is very impressive. It is huge! The Franklin Delenor Roosevelt Monument was riddled with famous quotes and statues.Brandon and Coby standing in the Bread Line Statue that depicts the Great Depression. We really did a ton of walking, because these monuments and memorials are spread pretty far apart. Jefferson Memorial was the furthest away, so we were the least impressed by it when we got there. It was still cool though. Jefferson was a huge believer in the abilities of future generations.The Smithsonian Natural History Museum was AWESOME!! Not to many pictures because we were to fascinated looking at things to get the camera out. Here is a huge Humpback Whale.Us with the bones of a Triceratops.The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum was really neat as well. Lots of crazy looking planes. I don't know how many of them were able to fly.It was a very fun day, but our legs were all day by the end. Except for Brooklyn that is. She was pretty happy though to get out and roll around when we got back to the hotel.