Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Changes!

A lot has happened to Brandon and I since we were first married, so I'll try to focus on the bigger things. Shortly after we were married we got a Shih Tzu dog . . . Maggie! She is the funniest, cutest dog ever and we love her. We got her on July 4th 2007 when my dad went into surgery for brain and lung cancer. It was a crazy stressful time, but now my dad is fine and doing well. My dad is a miracle! He has defied so many odds. I also just graduated in December of 2008 from Utah State University in International Business and French! Yahoo for graduating! My whole family was able to come. (Dad (Brad), me, Brandon, and Mom (Brenda)!)
(My sisters, Alyson, Me, Jessica, and Jenny!)
Brandon still has a year left for his degree in Civil Engineering. Over the holidays we were also able to go hunting with my sisters and cousins. Nothing like a redneck thanksgiving! (Jessica Knudsen, Britnie Olsen (Cousin), Me, and Jenny Cox.)
We were able to spend Christmas with Brandon's family in Green River, which is the first time that all his brothers have been home in several years! This was at the gyser in Green River. It was so much fun.Our biggest adventure that we are currently taking on, is that we are expecting a little baby girl on May 2nd 2009!! We are so excited and can't wait for her to get here! These photos are at approximately 5 months pregnant. I was so, so sick for those first three months, (just ask Brandon and his brother Nicolas who I barfed up all over) but now it is just so much fun and way crazy cool! Not to big yet, but boy is she growing fast and starting to kicking like crazy!


Brandon and I have known each other for years. We met at Snow College, where we feel in love. We dated for a year and then Brandon left to serve an LDS mission in the Mexico Mexico City North Mission. We wrote letters for two years, and then a month before he came home I decided to go on a mission too! I was called to serve in the France Toulouse Mission. We again wrote letters for a year and a half until we were finally together again 31/2 years later! Six months after I was home we married on May 11th 2007 in the Manti LDS Temple . . . Soulmates Forever!!