Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandpa's Surgery, cousins, trips, and family fun!

We have been on the go for the past couple of weeks. It all started out with a trip down to Fountain Green to our nephew Jared Strait's Baptism. We were able to spend a lot of quality time with Grandma and Grandpa, plus all of the cousins.

The little girl cousins had a tea party with Grandma Aagard. She can't seem to get enough of her Grandkids! Grandma spent a lot of time rocking with Kayson and Kenzington.

The three youngest cousins got together for some comparison pictures. We like to call them "Ketchup, Pepper, and Salt." Kayson has reddish hair and fair skin, Kenzington has brown hair and dark skin, and Christian has blonde hair and a medium skin tone.

They may be way different in skin tone and hair color, but they are all such chubbers. (7 months, 6 months, and 3 months.)

We not only came down for Jared's Baptism, but for my dad's brain surgery as well. This is how we spent the evening before Grandpa's surgery. Brooklyn loves dancing with Grandpa.

The girls and I decide to stay for the rest of the week in Fountain Green just to be around throughout the surgery. The last surgery dad had quite the recovery, but this time he came out remarkably well.

He was racing around the halls of the hospital with in an hour after his surgery. We sure love our Grandpa! He's such a strong fighter.

And there is no place that we would rather be than with family during times like these. (Only wish we lived closer.)

All the kids zonked out at the hospital.

When we finally got back to Logan, Brandon was done with finals (Yay! His last class of forever!) and we then went to SLC for my Software and System Technology Conference. After the conference we went down to Green River and spent time with the Brady family. (No pictures because Brandon had the camera with him in Moab for a mancation.) Green River is always a blast. Late night games with the family are my favorite!

When we got back to Logan I decided to do something drastic. I've needed a little pick me up since having Kenz so ....

yep, I dyed it BLONDE!!

Brooklyn loved taking these pictures with me, so we had to take like a zillion. I'm really liking the change so far, but don't worry it won't be a forever thing.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little girls?!! I seriously couldn't ask for better girls.

We always have so much fun together as a family. Like this Memorial Weekend for example. We took off on a drive to Clarkston, Utah. (the place that we would likely move to if we stay permanently in Logan) We ended up in the cemetary because it's memorial day, and low and behold Martin Harris is buried there. That was a very neat church historical site to stumble upon.

We had so much fun with this new discovery that we decided, why not go discover some new areas of Northern Utah that we have never been to. So off we went.

We ended up at the Golden Spike National Historic Site. It was super interesting and way fun for both kids and adults. Kenz loved the stroller ride, Brooklyn loved the "chew chew tains," Brandon loved the engineering of it all, and I simply loved just being with my family.

Family time is seriously the best!