Monday, June 29, 2009

Country Jams!

On the 24th of July Brooklyn and I took off for a little Road Trip. One of my Best Friends, Ashly Lloyd, won tickets to Country Jam USA in Grand Junction, Colorado!! Lucky for me her boyfriend was unable to go. Grand Junction is just a little over an hour from Green River so Brandon's parents agreed to watch Brooklyn while Ashly and I took our little honkie tonk badunk-a-dunks to the concert!
We had so much fun! Swayer Brown was my favorite! Let's just say we were probably the only sober ones there, but we acted crazier then anyone else. You could tell we were the only Mormons there by the way we dressed, everyone else was wearing swimming suits and daisy duke shorts. Below is proof of the craziness!
We missed the memo to bring chairs. Nothing more country then sitting in the dirt.
I freakin hate, with a passion, port-a-potties!! SICK! They guy next to me seemed to enjoy it though.

The worst part about the concert was worrying about my baby the whole time and then having to go out to the car and pump. They gave out beads at the concert and I thought people were going to walk by the car and give me some. :)On Friday the 26th, the morning after the concert we left Green River at 7am to get to the SLC Temple for one of my friends weddings, Brittanie Hamilton. She looked so beautiful. I love going to weddings and being reminded of the covenents we make as husband and wife. It is always nice to be reminded of the promises and blessings. It made me miss Brandon. We had an awesome week, but it was good to get home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day!

Brandon and I are blessed with awesome Dad's. They do so much for us and we love them. It was also Brandon's first Father's Day!! He is a great husband and father. I love watching him play with Brooklyn and seeing him be so cute with her. Happy Father's Day Pootie!!
We went to Green River for Father's Day Weekend and did some hiking in the San Rafael Swell. It was Brooklyn's first hiking trip. She did great!! She slept most of the way and when she wasn't sleeping she was just looking around and cooing.We also had some pictures taken of Brooklyn. Her 2 month old pictures. Here are a few that we liked.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 months!

Brooklyn just turned two months old on the 9th of June! This means that we have now been out of the NICU longer than we were in it!! I'll forever be grateful for all the medical talent that they have at Primary Children's Hospital, as well as their kind and caring staff; but let's be honest . . . being there for a month was just not fun at all. Brooklyn is doing so well now, you'd never even know that she had a rough start in life.

At Brooklyn's two month appointment she weighed 11 lbs. 3 oz. and is 22.5 inches long. She's already starting to get little rolls in her thighs. She hated the shots like most babies do, and I think I hated them even more. Guess after all that she's been through what are a few shots. It seems like she is constantly discovering new things. She trys to focus her eyes on things so hard and it just ends up like this, cross-eyed. It's so cute!

When I was a little girl my mom use to put me in the freshly dried laundry, so I thought Brooklyn might like the warmth. She did, but so did someone else. :) Brooklyn and Maggie just enjoying laundry time.
Speaking of Maggie, we have decided to let her have puppies. This is Maggie with her boyfriend Tommy. They look so much alike it's crazy! Hopefully she'll have puppies in August sometime if all goes well. I don't have the slightest clue about breeding dogs.Here are my two most favoritest people in the world caught snoozing. Guess the NBA Finals aren't that interesting for Lakers Haters. Kobe is so good, that you have to hate him.

Besides watching the NBA Finals, Brandon and I are both big fans of "So You Think You Can Dance." Brandon would say, "You'd be surprised what you watch after you get married." :) We have a regular weekly party with our neighbors Fred and Chana to watch. Chana and I do quite the good reinactments, so if you've missed the show just give us a call! Go Caitlin! She's my fav right now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blessing Day!!

Brooklyn was blessed on June 7th 2009. I was so worried that she would start fussing or passing gas during the middle of the blessing, but she just slept through the whole thing. :) I am so proud of her father, Brandon, for giving such an amazing blessing and testimony. She looked so cute in her little blessing dress. (My Grandma Smith made the blessing dress.) Brandon and I are both so grateful that we have made it to this point, considering Brooklyn's kind of rocky start.
So many people were able to come to Brooklyn's baby blessing. We were planning on having the luncheon outside in our yard, but due to uncooperative weather, aka down pour, we had to fit 60+ people into our apartment!! We set up tables and chairs in the garage, and all over the house. Let's just say that it was more than nice and cozy. :) I felt so bad that everyone was so cramed, but it was so good to see everyone. And I'm glad we all fit somehow.

Brandon's brothers and dad with Brooklyn. (Shawn, Brandon, Pat, Nicolas, Keith, & Brooklyn.)

My sisters and I with Brooklyn. (Alyson, Me & Brooklyn, Jenny, and Jessica . . . Dad in background.) They were such a big help with getting everything ready for the blessing.
Four generation picture. Great Grandma Verla Smith, Grandma Brenda Aagard, Mom Amanda Brady, and Brooklyn Paige Brady. Don't we all look alike?! Kind of crazy huh?
Me and Brooklyn with my cousin Rusty and Brooklyn's second cousin Baylor. They are approximately 3 months apart. They are both so cute!
Brady Grandkids. (Elise, Baylan, Ava, Jocelyn, and Brooklyn.)
All in all, the blessing and luncheon turned out great. It was very memorable to say the least. We are so happy to have Brooklyn, our little miracle, apart of our family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessing info and update!

Brooklyn will be blessed on June 7th, 2009 in the Logan Northwood Ward at 11:30 am. A luncheon will follow the blessing at our apartment. You are all invited. A lot has happened since the last post Brandon and I just had our second anniversary on the 11th of May. We didn't do too much for our anniversary considering we only brought our baby home two days earlier. We ordered food from Olive Garden and Brandon went to pick it up. We had candle light dinner in our home and I made an ice cream dessert. On the 18th of May it was Brandon's 27th birthday. We had cake an ice cream the Saturday before and celebrated it with some friends. Brandon left for a week to Kansas City on a business trip. He is working as a research assistant for his professor doing transportation engineering. While he was gone I spent the week in Fountain Green with my family. It was Brooklyn's first trip to her grandma and grandpa aagard's house. It was so fun. My little sister Jessica and I were able to haul water to the sheep in the big water truck. It turned out to be quite the adventure since it's top speed is 40 mph, and maggie (our dog) jumped out to chase the cows. I seriously thought she was going to get trampled. My mom just took care of me and the baby the whole time. I also had a tooth pulled which was miserable. I guess the cavity just went a little to deep. Word of advice to everyone, brush and floss often. My sister Jenny is pregnant with twins again, and she will find out what she is having in a little while. My sister Jessica just moved into a new house and it looks so good. She's a really good decorator.Brooklyn has been doing really well. She continues to gain weight and is trying so hard to hold her little head up. She makes so many cute little noises. She hates having baths, but she loves having her hair washed.