Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!!

Halloween was seriously so much fun this year!! The best part about it was Brooklyn's sheer excitement for her costume. She would tell you that she was a "beee" and even say "buzzz." She was the cutest bumble bee that I have ever seen! She also enjoyed our annual pumpkin carving contest. She was obsessed with her little pumpkin!Brooklyn also learned how to say "tit-ew-teet." (Sounds like something a guy would say.) :) Brooklyn has also been learning how to tell us how old she is. "One!"She loved the Halloween party that we went to at the church with her friends! I love my nursery kids that I teach, they are all so cute! Brooklyn did the cake walk with daddy. Here she is also posing with her friends Reed Randle, the male bumble bee and Adam Busby, Dracula.We also had a Halloween bash with my old high school buddies. (Nick and Natalie, Adam and Kristen, Brandon and I.)Brooklyn won this award at a party the University Inn and Conference Center had. I'm pretty sure it was rightfully deserved, but then again, I'm her mom. :)
We had a very, very Happy Halloween and hope you did too!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding and Gardner Village!

Brandon's cousin Jenny Harris was married on October 22nd, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She looked absolutely gorgeous!!

Big thanks to Brandon's cousins, Lizzy and Jason, who watched Brooklyn while we went to the sealing. It was beautiful!

Brooklyn can't ever seem to smile when the camera comes out. She is too focused on figuring out what the new electronic device is. (It's like she's never seen a camera before.)
It's especially hard to smile when she is eating. :) I love her little winter dress that my sister Alyson gave her!

We also planned a trip to Gardner Village to go on the witches hunt! We do this each year with Aunt Annie and Aunt Ellen! They are always so good to make things super fun for the kids!

Alyson and her kids came too! Jared and Emily can't seem to get enough of Brooklyn. They are always right up in her face, and though she is a little overwhelmed at first, she loves it after a few minutes.

Brooklyn loved the little petting zoo that they had. And of course she wanted to ride the horsey. Brandon helped her ride the little pony "Sparky." Her one hand had to constantly be petting the pony.

Little did we know that it was actually Witches Night Out at Gardner Village! They had music playing and people were dancing in the streets. Us grooving with the flash mob!

There were definitely some amazing witch costumes! Next year we will have to dress up, but we've got our work cut out for us if we are going to have costumes as good as these witches.

It was a super fun weekend!! Nothing beats spending so much quality time with family!!

October Fun!

A group of my friends got together for a game night/dress up Halloween Party!! We seriously had a blast. Ladies night out! (Back row: Ashley, Jasmine, Lacey, Heidi, Kalli, Jamie, and Me. Front row: Megan, Katie, and Lisa.)

Yes, Brandon painted my belly as a giant pumpkin!! :)

It's great to have such awesome friends! Really got me in the mood for Halloween!

Brandon played in his final year of Flag Football here at Utah State. His team went undefeated until the playoffs started. They really had a great team, and it was so fun to watch them play. Brooklyn and I were the number one fans!

Go Dad! Brandon about to catch a pass.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

USU Fans!

We went to our first football game of the year, USU vs. BYU!

And, surprisingly enough USU actually won!! Hopefully they can start building a good program here, because for the past while they have been pretty bad. BYU looked awful, I don't know what has happened to them.

We went with our cousins Todd and Kimiko Griffith, and friends Colby, Penny, and little Calem Jensen.
We did some tailgating before the game with Brandon's engineering professors and the other doctorate/grad students.

Our family in our USU get-up! :) Good job USU!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Making mommy laugh!

A few things Brooklyn has done lately to make me smile. (Kids are seriously so cute without even trying to be.)

~Brooklyn thinks she's helping me make a fruit salad. Then the little thief makes off with the cool whip!
~Brooklyn really doesn't pay any attention to TV shows at all. Nothing, not Baby Einstein, Baby Signing Time, cartoons, etc., she really could careless about TV, with the one exception of Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars really gets her going!