Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nail Polish!

I just started playing in a 7:30 am women's tennis league. (Which is SO much fun I might add.) However, upon returning home this is how I found Brooklyn!!

That's the last time I leave Brandon in charge! UGH! ........ No, I'm sure it could have happened on my watch too, but I just don't get how she got the lid off the nail polish, I mean I am usually prying at the lids with my teeth, so how does she manage to get it off?!

I had to put myself in a time out so that I wouldn't completely snap. I kept telling myself, "this will be funny... someday." She had tried so hard to paint her toe nails that her one whole foot was covered, as well as the carpet.

After much scrubbing it did come off the carpet, .... for the most part. It seriously took all day to scrub out. Now we are back to clean carpet and happy kids.

Kenzington was being such a cheese in the bumbo that I had to snap some pics.

Brooklyn has this natural flip and curl to her hair. I just love it!

We've also been having a lot of pool parties!! Here is Brooklyn with Tyce and Jacey Walker, Brittany Palmer Walker's kids.

Kenz just enjoyed watching.

First time Zumba-ing!! Ya Chana and I are pretty much the bomb-dot-com. I think we missed our callings in life as a dancers.

And lastly two kids make for a lot more laundry. I seriously feel like I can't keep up sometimes, but they are totally worth it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kenzington's 4 month stats!

Weight = 18 lbs. 1 oz., OFF THE CHARTS - 100th percentile!
Height = 25.75 inches, 75th percentile.

Kenz is just growing up way too fast. She is always smiling and makes this funny little giggle/gasp for air when you try to tickle or tease her. She is reaching for everything and can roll considering her arms don't get in the way. She loves attention from anyone and will chat your ear off with cooing.

Me - "Um, doctor, should I be concerned that my baby is "OFF THE CHARTS"??"
Doctor - "No breastfeed babies tend to follow their own unique curves. At least you know she's eating well and healthy. It is really hard to over feed a breastfeed baby. Just must be giving her straight cream. Nothing to worry about that."

Yeah, Kenz has grown like exponentially in the past 2 months! We love our little chubbers!