Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Time!

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Overton, Nevada. Brandon's Grandma May just recently returned home from an LDS mission to Nauvoo, Illinois, so practically every family member was there!! There were approximately 150 people and over 70 pies!! Talk about a big get together.I come from a family who has 7 cousins on one side, and 4 cousins on the other side, so this was a little bit overwhelming for me. Brooklyn was very overwhelmed at first. She was extremely clingy and fussy for the first little while there. But I mean who wouldn't be with that many people there! She eventually adjusted to the massive amount of noise and people.Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without yams! Brooklyn has had the Gerber baby food sweet potatoes, but not actual sweet potatoes. Well Brandon figured that there was no better time to let her try her first real dose of yams than Thanksgiving! She loved it. She just makes this ummmm ummmm noise whenever she is eating anything that she likes.We also went to the movie, New Moon while we were there!! I loved it, Brandon liked it. I am just so in love with the story, that I could never not like the movies. It was a cousins night out, hitting up Maverik, filling purses to the brim with candy and pop, and being the only ones in the theater for who knows how long. It was way fun, despite the crappy sound system and what seemed like an hour long delay for the movie to start. This seemed to be the best scene in the whole movie. :) Okay . . . it was a little cheesy, but made sense if you've read the books.We spent two nights with our friends in St. George before Thanksgiving and decided to take the fat challenge. We squeezed through the Dixie crack. It is were you hike through a very narrow passageway in between two giant rocks. We seriously got stuck in a few places. Brandon was literally on the ground trying to worm his way through in one spot. We made it through though, so no holiday diet for us!! :)Coming out of the crack!! My sister Jenny and brother-in-law Benji had their babies. Rebekah Lynn Cox 5 lbs. 7 oz., 17 inches and Kaden Roy Cox 6 lbs. 10 oz., 19 inches. They are beautiful. And everyone is doing well. I'm so happy for them.Brooklyn loved helping set up for Christmas. Actually, she just loved looking at the lights and playing with the ornaments. I'm way excited for Christmas, it is seriously my favorite time of the year. I am especially excited for this years Christmas, because it will be Brooklyn's first one!! Here is Brooklyn in her cute little snow suit!
At this time of year I am extremely grateful for a wonderful husband, adorable baby, and the greatest family in the world!! I am grateful for miracles, in any form that they come. I am grateful for the gospel and for great friends. I am grateful for good examples. I'm grateful for love.Oh and I am really grateful that BYU beat the University of Utah!! Go Cougars!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SYTYCD Performance!!

For all you SYTYCD fans . . . get ready!!
Tawna, myself, Dana, and Amanda decided to go to the SYTYCD performance on the 7th of November. I absolutely loved season 4 with Joshua, Twitch, Chesley, and Will, and lets be honest season 5 wasn't quite as good as season 4. With that said, being the avid dance fans that we are, we went to the performance anyways.
Talk about amazing!! It was so much fun and the shock on our faces at the grace and agility of these dancers says it all. Tawna and I enjoying the dances!! The group dance on the tables with water was my favorite! So hot!
So after the performance was over Amanda and I decided to hang outside and wait for the dancers to come out. We really wanted to meet them. After only 20 minutes of waiting outside in the FREEZING cold. The security guy came and told us we could go inside and meet them!!
Oh Happy Day!! I'm mean cause who wouldn't want to see a body this ripped in person??!!
Kat Deeley: "Here's Brandon!"

Kat Deeley: "And your naughty ballerina . . . Melisser!" She was really nice in person!K So here is the biggest news of all. I totally asked Jason if him and Jeanine were dating, . . . you know because of their make-out session after the locket dance. Well he was sickened that I would even ask that, and said, "No!" Then he started pouring out his soul to me. He told me that he was dating Janett!!

What the?!! That is so cute!! So of course my friend Amanda didn't believe him, and when she called him a liar he gave her the death stare and said, "I'M SERIOUS!" I had to get Janett's side of the story just for clarifications. She was by far my favorite of the season and in person. She just talked to me like we were old friends and said what a cute boyfriend Jason is.

Then of course there is Randi!! Way to represent Utah girl!! Her husband was there supporting her, so sorry Fred, since both of you guys are married there is really no hope for you two. Good thing your wife can do an awesome impersonation of the butt dance.

Evan was seriously one of my favorites of season 5 as well. I thought the judges were so mean to him! Granted he wasn't the best technically, but personality says a lot in this competition. In person his personality was so adorable!!Of course I wanted to challenge Phillip to a dance off, but of course he was petrified of my mad dance skills!! He said he had a torn ligament, but I still think it was just a cop out.
We can't forget gay Kupono!! He was really nice, but really, really gay!! Yes, that is a piece of thread for an earring!! Cool style Kupono . . . well someone must think that!!
Then, there was of course season 5 winner, Jeanine!! She had gorgeous hair and was very friendly.It was such an amazing night!! I know I am a sports junkie, but part of mean yearns to let the dancer out!! I'm pretty sure that I could make the gag reel for SYTYCD at least!! The husbands had a guys night with Brooklyn of course!! Fun for them!! Thanks Brandon for taking care of cubba. You are such a good husband and father!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

This is Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! Only topped by Christmas and Lamb Days. It's just something about all the freaks that hits home with me. :) This year we spent Halloween with Family. We went to Green River for Brandon's Brothers baby, Kailee's blessing. She is so precious.

Brandon and I of course had to dress up. We went all out with our Hawaiian costumes . . . okay, not really, but at least we made an effort. It was Brooklyn's first Halloween and she was the cutest little fairy I've ever seen.Brooklyn with her Brady cousins. Eva the witch, Jocelyn the princess, Brooklyn the fairy, and Elise as Winnie the Pooh.
Here's our cute little fairy on her first Halloween!!
We went to the Halloween Carnival at Green River Elementary School. It was tons of fun to see all of the kids in their costumes. The had a costume contest and Brooklyn won for the 0 to 1 year old age group! She won a gift certificate, cookies, and a little black bat. All she gets to enjoy is the bat. :) Next year she'll get cookies for sure though .
All the cousins again. Brooklyn had to change out of her full costume because her skirt kept ending up in her mouth. Humm, imagine that with a six month old. Baby Kailee is also featured here. She was a little monkey.
On the 26th of July, Brooklyn and I went to the zoo with my sister Alyson and all the Aagard grandkids. We had such a good time. Josh, Vance, Jared, Alyson, Brooklyn, Jake, Me, and Emily.
This is the new baby elephant, Zuri. She was so playful. And though she may seem little, she weighed 250 lbs. at birth!! No thank you! I thought 5 lbs. was a lot!
Brooklyn loved the monkeys. They were probably her favorite. This trip to the zoo she was actually very aware of the animals and would watch them.
These were the cutest two monkeys. They were all snugglely and wrapped their tails together. So cute! I didn't know that they actually did that.
Me with all the kids on the teeter-tauter. Good times.We then went with Aunt Annie to Gardiner Village to the Witches Festival! We went on a witches treasure hunt and all the kids got cookies at the end. Everyone's favorite seemed to be Witchy Poo.Josh, Annie, Jake, Me, Brooklyn, Emily, and Vance at the Pumpkin House. We finished our day by going to the Haunted Trail in Murray. It is just the right amount of spooky for kids, and plus you get hot chocolate and donuts at the end. All for a $1.50!! Way fun. It was a great Halloween, and so much more fun with a little one!!