Monday, September 28, 2009

BBQ . . . well more like a Fiesta!!

On the 26th of September Brandon and I went down to SLC for a BBQ with our friends. Considering we had really yummy Costa Vida style sweet pork burritos, I would say it was more of a fiesta than a barbecue. :) We had so much fun playing games outside like little kids. Gotta love friends!!Me, Chana, Amanda, Tawna, and Dana!Can you say hot?!!We played a game called Loaded Questions. It was so fun. It's a great way to learn things you never knew before about your friends. Example: Biggest pet-peeve = cheaters in buncos!! All I have to say is amen sista, amen!!
I don't know why but Brandon seems to always put Brooklyn's bows on like princess Leia style. I love how much he loves his little girl. She's got him wrapped around her little finger! He's such a good dad.
We sold all of Maggie's puppies!! I was so sad to see them go, but happy at the same time. The first four weeks were simple, Maggie did everything. But after that they started getting out of their box, peeing, pooping, etc. it's hard to keep track and clean up after five pups and a baby.They all went to really cute families so that made letting them go a little easier. Worth it though. I would definitely do it again. I mean we made a ton of extra money that we didn't have before and that is always nice. Plus puppies are just so darn cute! So here they are my little Shih Tzu puppies!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Feeding!

Okay, so any tips on how to introduce food into a babies diet?? We started Brooklyn on a rice cereal last night and lets just say more ended up on her than in her mouth. She loved trying to grab the spoon and smacking her lips against it. She just didn't quite get the swallowing motion. Does it eventually come? She was a mess in the end and so were her parents. Parenting Rule #75 Do not bath a baby before a first feeding!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dang Thunder!!

Brooklyn has been sleeping so well lately. Well, since about 3 months old, she has been sleeping through the night. I've kind of been spoiled in not having to get up with her, but last night there was a huge thunder storm up here in Logan . . . and we know what that equals . . . scared baby. It was the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Both Brandon and I rushed in to Brooklyn's room in the middle of the night. The room was lit up so bright with all the lightning outside. Brooklyn eyes were squeezed so tight shut, and she was just bawling! I felt so bad. She was so sleepy too, but the noise just made her cry. It turned into a snuggle fest night for our little family. So everything turned out alright. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weeks!!

We have been going no stop these past couple of weeks, so it is good to finally be home and resting. First off we went down to Fountain Green for my cousin Josie Aagard's Bridal Shower. I love bridal showers and baby showers!! It's just so fun to get together with everyone and catch up. Brooklyn with her Aunts Annie and Ellen.
Then right after the Bridal Shower, Brandon, Brooklyn and I took off up Fairview to go camping at my Uncle Russ's trailer. Our friends Landon and Amanda came with us. We took four wheelers from Fairview Lakes down to Mammoth Lake. It was way crowded over Labor Day weekend, but way fun. We got so dusty on our four wheeler ride that we decided to jump in the creek for a bath when we got back.
Talk about freezing!! It was worth it though, cause we felt much better afterwords. Here are some classic freezing faces!! Classic!
Brooklyn loved watching everyone take their river baths. Us watching the festivities. She does so good camping.
We got back sunday night to Logan and then monday morning Brooklyn and I took off to go stay with my sister Jenny while her husband was in the hospital. We decided we would make baby bedding for her twins that will be here in a couple of months. With the help of my little sister Jessica, and my Grandma Smith we were able to get a lot accomplished. Still not quite finished, but that is because of Hobby Lobby!!
Just have to tell this quick story. I went to Hobby Lobby in Logan and they didn't have all of the fabric I needed so they called the Layton store. Layton said they had the fabric in so I drove all the way down there, and the fabric is no where to be found!! I was so mad! You don't tell someone you have it, they drive so far to get it, and it not be there. Hobby Lobby really dropped the ball on this one!! I talked to the manager, they searched the store for a minute or two and then said that there was nothing they could do. Yeah, I love the store, but they have horrible customer service!! So needless to say we couldn't finish the nursery sets because we didn't have all the material. I'll post when they are finished though.

Brandon arrived Friday night so that we could go to Josie's endowment session and we also went to her wedding Saturday morning. She looked so beautiful. I don't know many people who can pull off those mermaid dresses, but she looked so stunningly gorgeous!! I loved her husband Marc's suit too. It looked like old school gangsterish. Their wedding was really beautiful. I am so happy for them. They make such a great couple.
On our way back to Logan Sunday afternoon we stopped in Salt Lake to meet my cousin Brian and Britnie's new baby. They haven't named her yet. She was 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches, so a fairly big baby. Brian and Britnie are going to make great parents. Holding this little baby makes me remember what a miracle all little ones really are. It brought back some scary memories of the NICU for me, but wonderful memories as well. We are so blessed to have our little girl!!