Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camping at Strawberry!

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping up to Strawberry Resevoir with my moms side of the family, (some of the funnest people I know) the Olsens!

Our girls had a ball playing with all of the family and cousin friends! So many of them are the same age that they had such a blast playing with each other. They had a pretend ice cream shop that they all opened together! Cute kids!

We did lots of 4-wheeling. Brooklyn insisted on going with Grandma!

You can always count on Brandon and Coby to get into mischief!

They went through a couple of gigantic mud puddles as fast as they could, spraying anything and everything near them with mud!! They are sometimes a little nuts, but I'm glad these two know how to have a good time.

Whether we were hanging out talking, 4-wheeling, attempting to lighting fires in the cabin, fishing, playing games, or chasing kids... I hope we make this a family tradition because we had an absolute blast!

49ers vs. Broncos!

Have I ever mentioned that our family loves the 49ers?? Especially Brandon! (It was kind of forced on the rest of us. But we've learned to love them.)

Brandon's dad really spoiled him for his birthday when he bought him tickets to the San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos game!

You see Brandon's dad is a HUGE Denver fan and Brandon is a HUGE 49ers fan so they just had to go! Father/Son Road Trip to Denver!

Brandon took pictures of all the best athletes... Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Alex Smith.

They had such a fabulous time. And while I was really bummed that I couldn't go, I'm glad Brandon got to make these memories with his dad.

Oh! And I almost forgot, the 49ers won! So it was the perfect birthday present for Brandon! GO NINERS!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ellie Update

Ellie had a relatively short stay at Primary Childrens. 3 days total. They have given her a bottle with a longer nipple so that she can eat. And she is amazing at it. She will not have a reconstructive surgery until she is 9 months old... older babies handle the surgery better. All-in-all things are looking great with Ellie! 1 in 700 babies have this, so it is a relatively common hick-up that the doctors specialize in. She will go back every 4 weeks to be re-evaluated and assessed.

I got to meet her yesterday and she is beautiful!! Such a sweet little girl! I get to spend a lot more time with her this week as school is starting and Alyson could use my assistance with the kids. I love my sisters and would do anything I can to help them out! I'm so lucky to live close enough to be around. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ellie Ann Strait

Tonight has been a little bit rough for me, and I can only imagine what my sister Alyson must be feeling.

My new little niece, Ellie Ann Strait, made it here safely. 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches long. And from what I hear she is just beautiful! (If she's anything like my other niece and nephews I'm certain this is true.) I can't wait to meet her!

Shortly after her birth they discovered she could not nurse.
The cause... a Cleft Pallet. (Not to be confused with a cleft lip.)

I do not have much more information than that. I have yet to speak with my sister due to all the craziness surrounding this situation... this was not discovered until she was born. Ellie is being sent to Primary Children's where she will be evaluated. We will hopefully know more tomorrow.

This situation brings a lot of emotions and memories.

While bathing Brooklyn and Kenzington in the bathtub tonight a flood of emotions hit me. I could not stop crying. Why do things like this have to happen to little babies?? It just seems so unfair.

Brooklyn looks up at me: "Mommy what's wrong?"

Me, with tears streaming down my face: "Alyson's little baby is sick."

Brooklyn: "It's okay Mommy. Jesus will take care of her baby. Just like he took care of me when I was in the hospital."

On the go!

The summer is always a little bit crazy and busy for us! But always a ton of fun!

(I kind of go on a blogging strike during this season because it's much more fun to be playing outside and making memories to write about during the long cooped-up winter months!)

However, here is just a quick update on some of the things that we have been up to.

Our 4th of July was spent at Jessica and Coby's out in Delta. We didn't take very many pictures, because we were playing in a Tennis tournament. Kenzington was seriously the cutest little candy catcher I have ever seen! She would barely slow down to eat her candy!

We also went out to the "Res" in Delta that afternoon. It was perfect for swimming!

It was so much fun out at Jessica and Coby's. They always know how to throw a good party! And plus we got medallions playing Tennis, so we will definitely be going back.

Lamb Days! Awesome.

My sisters and I had so much fun making these fluffy little dresses and bows!!
During Lamb Day week we get to spend a lot of fun time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Oh and play with all our cousins too!! (Grandma did survive all the little Grandkids bombarding her!) She is such a fun Grandma!

Grandma Aagard's Lamb Day Preparation is a little CRAZY! But we love her! It's good she has so many good little helpers!

Practicing our Lamb Day talents!

A few of the Aagard Cousins Lamb Day Morning!

For my wonderful mother's birthday my sisters and I went and had a girls weekend in St. George!

It is always a blast when us girls get together. We really missed having Alyson with us. But the Dr. gave her the no-go because of the baby. Hopefully we will get to meet the little baby soon!

Josie came with us to Aladdin at the Tuacahn. We seriously love her! It was my first time seeing Aladdin and going to the Tuacahn and both did not disappoint!
We had a ball shopping, swimming, hiking, seeing The Dark Night Rises, and doing all sorts of fun girly sister things. Love these girls!

Dan and Ashley's Wedding. We were able to attend my cousin Dan Olsen's wedding in Bountiful.

A lot of our extended family was able to come. It was so good to see everyone!

We are so happy for Dan and Ashley. And so thankful that we can go to the temple and be reminded of the promises we make to each other. We love each other more and more!

While playing outside at our house Brooklyn left the back door open and in flew a ... HUMMING BIRD!! (See up by the light!)

I have always loved humming birds, but never thought I'd have one in my house! After about 30 minutes of trying to herd it out the door with pillows, Brandon decided to try and throw a towel on it. After several attempts he finally caught her. Brooklyn was basically in tears... "NO no no! Don't hurt SALLY!!" Well we went and bought a humming bird feeder and Sally visits us regularly... OUTSIDE! :) Sally is now our pet, and Brooklyn is assured that we didn't hurt her!

Yuba Reservoir with the Lloyds!

I love the Lloyds like they are my own family. They are so much fun and all the babies had a blast riding the tube and water banana. (Yes, that is Kenzi riding the tube with the girls. Brooklyn is on the banana sitting in front of her dad, but you can't really see her.)

Kenzington is seriously fearless when it comes to the water. It doesn't scare her in the least if she goes under... however, Brooklyn is a little bit of a different story. :)

Maggie gets a little antsy whenever the suitcase comes out. She doesn't leave my side. Or she'll just do this!

She knows she either gets to go on a trip or is getting left behind. Poor girl. We love her!

We've spent a lot of time at the Emery County Aquatic Center! The girls seriously LOVE it. Whenever they have the 5 minute pool breaks this is how you can find our girls!! (Getting warm on the cement or snacking!) :)

We love our little girlies!! They are both such good travelers.

Brooklyn apparently inherited someone's drooling disorder! Opps!

If you read this far into the post... you have merited leaving a comment. :)
Sorry this post was so long!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family trip to Wyoming.

We went with all of the Aagard's on a family trip to Wyoming. We took of on a Thursday taking the scenic route on HWY 191 up through Flamming Gorge.

Of course we had to stop at the "Dam" Bridge

And take "Dam" pictures! (We will revisit this "Dam" place later on during our family trip.)

Then it was off to meet the family at Martin's Cove.

Where we commenced on our handcart trek! Brooklyn loaded and ready to go!

For some must push and some must pull! :)

Finding joy in the journey!

All of the kids did so well hiking. (Even in places they weren't suppose to be hiking! Opps!)

Heading in to Martin's Cove!

My Dad insisted on making the entire journey a foot! Now for someone who has gone through Chemo and still has the constant numb feet this is pretty amazing. Love my dad!

We saw so many Antelope.

The Women's pull! This was very spiritual. Would I have been strong enough to make it on my own?? I don't know. But I do know we made it up a very steep sandy hill, half crying, half laughing. The grandma, pregnant women, child, and myself. Pulling 3 infants in the back! We stopped half-way up the hill, and I thought we were done for. We pressed on and finished!! So proud to have the women influences in my life that I do!

Independence Rock!

Martin's Cove was a super fun experience to have with my family! It definitely put things in perspective having my husband and two babies along the trek. I had done it years ago when I was in young women's, but it was a little more realistic with having kids there. Nap-times were difficult, but we had to press on. I can't imagine not having diapers. The missionaries there read us an entry from a pioneer mothers journal. She said that her children would cry themselves to sleep every night because of the cold and exhaustion..... I cannot imagine going through this!! I have so much gratitude for our LDS ancestors and this legacy of perseverance that they left us.

The next day it was back to Flamming Gorge.

Taking the "Dam" tour!

We learned lots of "Dam" information.

We took a lot more "Dam" pictures.

We saw the "Dam" Vultures.

And we fed the "Dam" fish!

We had a lot of "Dam" fun!

The whole fam-"Dam"-ily! :) We were cracking "Dam" jokes the entire time! So Fun! Gotta love non-swear/swear jokes.

We made our way home along some back roads through Manila, UT. (That is beautiful country up there.) Where we crossed back into Wyoming stopping at Fort Bridger.

Fort Bridger was an old trading post for people making the journey through the Wild West. Brooklyn and Kayson liked trying to chase the bunnies that were everywhere!

We had such a great time on this family trip. The kids did so great and we always love spending time with our cousins and fabulous family!