Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bridgette Charlize Brady

We are oh so happy to announce the safe arrival of our baby girl...
Bridgette Charlize Brady.

After much debate about being induced Brandon and I both felt like it was a good option for us because then we could have my parents come and watch Brooklyn and Kenzington. Plus, it would make things all a little less stressful to have a plan.

So with the induction scheduled for 7 am, Friday, August 23rd, my parents made the trek over to Castle Dale Thursday evening, the 22nd. The evening was pretty uneventful. Mostly trying to spend last minute time as a family of four and get anything we had forgotten ready for the baby. Bags were packed and we were ready for the next day!!

Well I think the baby had plans of making her big debut on the 23rd regardless, because I woke up at 1 am having pretty steady contractions. Nothing super painful, but very consistent. I could not go back to sleep. So I did what any normal 39 week pregnant person would do... started walking the neighborhood. I finally woke Brandon up at 5 am and we got ready to head to the hospital.

They broke my water at 8:30 am and started a bit of pitocin at 10. Bridgette was born 3 hours later at 1:02 pm! When the nurses said that she was absolutely perfect and I heard her first noises, I instantly started to cry. Tears of joy I assure you!! We absolutely LOVE our little baby Bridgette, and could not be more proud to call her ours!

~ Just a little bit about Bridgette's name. ~
Before Bridgette was born Brandon and I had narrowed the name down between Bridgette and Sydney. Less than a month before her birth we were doing some family history work. (Our ward has been doing a big push on family history.) We were tracing back lines on both mine and Brandon's sides of the family. We had to go back pretty far and off on tangents, as a lot of our genealogy work has been done. We found it very ironic that on both of our lines we ran into several Bridgette's. That kind of sealed the deal for us and we knew that it should be her name. We also chose to go with the french spelling, cause it has more significance for mommy. :) French pronunciation: brih-jheet.

 We chose the middle name Charlize because it is after her father... Brandon "Charles". It is also her great-grandpa Brady's first name. Brandon wanted one of the kids named after him. But since Charles isn't really fitting for a little girl we went with Charlize. :)

 My sisters all came to visit at the hospital... her little Liam came too. He is 3 months older than Bridgette. He was 11 lbs. 8 oz. at birth... so he might be a bit bigger, but I bet within a couple of months Bridgette will give him a run for his money. :)

 All ready to go home! :)

 Our three beautiful girls! Who is who?? :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're back!

Guess who's back.... Back again.... WE ARE back.... Tell a friend...
We won't even pretend to play catch-up on my lack of blogging. 
We will just start again.
BROOKLYN: She is getting so big! She is my big helper. She is always so proud of how clean she can get her room! :) She has recently been doing a lot of swimming, dancing, and t-ball. She likes to play hard.
Dancing with her at her dance recital... 
(at 6+ months pregnant mind you)
...wasn't exactly my idea of fun. 
She insisted on being able to dance with mom, 
and LOVED it so much, so I had to do it. :)
KENZINGTON: She is my little spit-fire. She is so feisty and fun. She wants to be apart of everything that her big sister is doing. So, like her sister, she does a lot of swimming, dancing, and t-ball. (She really wants to be apart of the team, but alas too young.) She has a knack for picking things up really quick. She was completely potty-trained before she was 22 months! She is a very quick study.
In other news... We are adding a fifth member to our team!! 
It's another little girl-er and we are absolutely thrilled!!