Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family trip to Wyoming.

We went with all of the Aagard's on a family trip to Wyoming. We took of on a Thursday taking the scenic route on HWY 191 up through Flamming Gorge.

Of course we had to stop at the "Dam" Bridge

And take "Dam" pictures! (We will revisit this "Dam" place later on during our family trip.)

Then it was off to meet the family at Martin's Cove.

Where we commenced on our handcart trek! Brooklyn loaded and ready to go!

For some must push and some must pull! :)

Finding joy in the journey!

All of the kids did so well hiking. (Even in places they weren't suppose to be hiking! Opps!)

Heading in to Martin's Cove!

My Dad insisted on making the entire journey a foot! Now for someone who has gone through Chemo and still has the constant numb feet this is pretty amazing. Love my dad!

We saw so many Antelope.

The Women's pull! This was very spiritual. Would I have been strong enough to make it on my own?? I don't know. But I do know we made it up a very steep sandy hill, half crying, half laughing. The grandma, pregnant women, child, and myself. Pulling 3 infants in the back! We stopped half-way up the hill, and I thought we were done for. We pressed on and finished!! So proud to have the women influences in my life that I do!

Independence Rock!

Martin's Cove was a super fun experience to have with my family! It definitely put things in perspective having my husband and two babies along the trek. I had done it years ago when I was in young women's, but it was a little more realistic with having kids there. Nap-times were difficult, but we had to press on. I can't imagine not having diapers. The missionaries there read us an entry from a pioneer mothers journal. She said that her children would cry themselves to sleep every night because of the cold and exhaustion..... I cannot imagine going through this!! I have so much gratitude for our LDS ancestors and this legacy of perseverance that they left us.

The next day it was back to Flamming Gorge.

Taking the "Dam" tour!

We learned lots of "Dam" information.

We took a lot more "Dam" pictures.

We saw the "Dam" Vultures.

And we fed the "Dam" fish!

We had a lot of "Dam" fun!

The whole fam-"Dam"-ily! :) We were cracking "Dam" jokes the entire time! So Fun! Gotta love non-swear/swear jokes.

We made our way home along some back roads through Manila, UT. (That is beautiful country up there.) Where we crossed back into Wyoming stopping at Fort Bridger.

Fort Bridger was an old trading post for people making the journey through the Wild West. Brooklyn and Kayson liked trying to chase the bunnies that were everywhere!

We had such a great time on this family trip. The kids did so great and we always love spending time with our cousins and fabulous family!

Kenzi's new obsession!

Kenzington has found a new obsession... CLIMBING!

If I would let her she would climb anything. This blanket basket is something she will climb in and out all the time.

The basket is a lot less dangerous than the desk or pantry shelves she's been trying to climb.

Probably gets it from watching her older sister. Kenz decided she'd go get the step-stool, and climb in bed with Brooklyn for a nap. Oh the joys of having a sister!

The Yard... a work in progress!

When we first moved in we knew that we would have to replant the grass. When the house went into foreclosure, the lawn went un-watered and was completely dead. It has definitely been a process, but I am pleased to say that we finally have grass!

We started with tearing up the old and broken sprinkler system and replaced it with a new one. Brandon trenching the new sprinkler line.

Below are the two reasons that I am so excited to have grass!! And though they have had an absolute blast playing in the dirt, bathing Kenzington and Brooklyn two or three times a day isn't really ideal.

They were very good at filling the just dug sprinkler line back up with dirt. Not the best little helpers, but so fun to watch them play together.

Once we installed the sprinkler system, wired it, tested it, and made sure it was working properly, we made the decision to go with hydro-seed.

Doesn't it already look a ton better??

Guess it's time to buy a lawn mower!!