Monday, July 27, 2009

Hogle Zoo, Rodeo, and Puppies!

The weekend of the 24th Brandon, Brooklyn and I headed down to SLC to visit our friends, Landon and Amanda. We had such a good time! We miss having them live right down the street in Logan, so we have to go to SLC sometimes to visit. :)We all went to Hogle Zoo! One fun thing that came from Brooklyn's NICU stay is that we get 10 free tickets each time we go to Hogle Zoo, for life! I know right, the NICU really takes good care of their families and babies that come there. Brooklyn pretty much slept through the whole Zoo trip, but woke up just in time for the train ride.We ran into some of Brandons family while we were there. The David and Becky May's family were up from Overton, Nevada. It was good to see them. Brandon and I were like little kids! Since Brooklyn was sleeping someone had to fill the role. :) Our favorites were the giraffes, black bears, penguins, monkeys and of course the elephants!
Amanda and I made some tu-tu's for Brooklyn. They were so easy and turned out super cute. We also bought tickets to SYTYCD when it comes on tour to Utah!! I'm am so excited to go!!
On the 30th of July we went with our friends Penny and Colby Jensen to the Famous Preston Night Rodeo. (Famous because it was the first night time rodeo!) The rodeo was so fun. Our seats were right next to the shoots and fence so they were pretty much the best you could get. It did make me a little bit nervous for Brooklyn when the bulls would come slamming into the fence!
On the 31st of July at 8:00am Maggie had her first puppy!! Four hours later she was done and we now have five cute little Shih Tzu puppies! There are three girls and two boys. The little runt is so tiny. Maggie never leaves them. We have to pick her up and take her to the bathroom outside, because she won't leave the box of puppies. Guess those motherly instincts have kicked in over drive. You really have to see them. They are so cute! Brooklyn just stares at them and smiles as they wiggle around. Our place has now turned into baby mania!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lamb Days!

The third weekend in July is one of my favorites every year. It is known as Lamb Days! For those of you that don't know I grew up on a sheep farm with 3,000+ sheep. So, this hometown holiday of mine is super close to my heart. Brandon and I have known each other for almost eight years now, and this was his first Lamb Days. Due to missions, summer sales, etc. he was never able to attend before now, but believe you me he is now hooked and will be a Lamb Day regular.
It was also Brooklyn's first Lamb Days. She loved being out and about, meeting the townies. The parade was fun, my team took third in the softball tournament, my dad and uncle road the flags in on horse back for the flag ceremony, my niece and nephews sang in the talent show, we watched the volleyball tournament and mutton busting (kids ride wild sheep), the 6:30 am breakfast and lamb scram (town race) were also exciting. One of my personal favs was the fireworks.
Before Lamb Days I had a chance to catch up with Rachel Reid, Mindy Brotherson, and Brittany Walker. We had lunch at the Ftn. Green Park. It is awesome to have such good friends who keep in touch. Brittany left before we took the picture.Mine and Rachels little girls. They are almost two months apart. Can you tell who's is who's?Brandon and I also went to Penny and Colby Jensens Trailor with some friends to have dinner and roast smores. We taught several nice Chinese foreign exchange students to play baseball. It was a riot. The one Chinese man has seen one too many horror movies and would not put his knife down once it got dark! We thought it was so funny so we kept trying to scare him.
Summer has seriously been a blast so far. I love the summer holidays and fun things you get to do outdoors.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend!!

Brandon had to work in Salem, Utah from the June 31st to July 2nd. So we headed down to my parents house a little early for the weekend of the 4th. Brittanie Hamilton's wedding reception was on the 2nd of July. She looked great and I was glad to see a bunch of friends from high school at her reception. Rachel and I sat at her book. We weren't really sure what we were suppose to do, but we designated ourselves her book girls! :) We all got out an line danced together. It was a blast reminds me of the good 'ole Snow College Days.Nothing quite like Moroni on the 4th! :) Brooklyn looked so cute in her little 4th outfit. The parade got very backed up due to the llamas. The fireworks in Moroni got rained out, so we just had our own little show at my parents housing, while singing, "God Bless America," "Sweet Caroline," and "We're coming to America." Brooklyn was just smiling at her crazy parents the whole time.
The one thing I did not enjoy about the week was when we tried to take Brooklyn to the movie theater. She kept crying so I'd have to take her in and out. She's just not ready for that I guess. The movie, "The Proposal," was good despite the fact. We also had a chance to get out with the horses. The horses just kept trying to eat Maggie.