Tuesday, April 20, 2010

West Desert Camping Trip

Thursday, April 15th, we left Logan for a great weekend of camping out on the West Desert of Utah. My family use to run sheep out there, so the area is well known. So many fun things to do out there.
Indian Pictograph Drawings and Symbols.
Hunt for Lizards. Brandon was a pro at this! He caught a big Horny Toad. Search for Arrow Heads. Play in the giant Sand Mountain. We seriously had such a good time. It was Brooklyn's first time sleeping in a tent. She did so good and had a blast playing with her Grandma Aagard. When I was a little girl and we would go out to the sheep camp this is how we would always get our baths. Brooklyn loved it!Out with Jenny, Josh, and Jake, on an afternoon hike for gold!! (It's actually just fool's gold but who really knows the difference.) It's always nice to have a little get-away. My two little twinner nephews had so much fun and were so tired after the two days of camping. They were instantly asleep on the car ride home.
We had a blast camping!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brooklyn's Birthday and Princess Party!

Brooklyn's birthday was so much fun! I still can't believe that we now have a one year old!! The morning of her birthday, April 9th, started off with the usual singing, decor, and presents.
She loved opening the presents... mostly because she loves tissue paper!
She got a bunch of new outfits. Including this tutu I made her.
She now has a big girl car seat. It is so fun to have her forward facing so that we can watch what she is doing.
She absolutely loves anything that has to do with music. She loves her new drums!
Grandma and Grandpa Aagard gave her a musical pony that you can ride. She loves it!!
Later, the afternoon of her birthday, we took a special trip down to Primary Children's Hospital where Brooklyn spent the first month of her life. It was a very sentimental moment. We talked to a few families whose babies are currently there. I think, by them seeing how healthy Brooklyn is, it gave them a little extra hope and encouragement about their little babies.
Where we spent a lot of time waiting.
I spent a lot of time in "the barn" at the NICU.
It was a very nostalgic experience.
After the NICU visit, we headed down to Fountain Green to get ready for Brooklyn's first birthday party the next day. It was so much fun!! We had a Princess Party for our little Princess!
I think Aunt Jenny wins the award for best dressed, but what do you think?!

So many of Brooklyn's cousins and family members came. Some of her boy cousins dressed up too.Brooklyn loved the many fun presents that she received.
She loves reading books!
Brooklyn's birthday cake!! I think it turned out pretty good for my first time doing my little girl's birthday/princess cake.
At first Brooklyn didn't know what to do with her cake. She was being so dainty and didn't want to get dirty.
Brandon had to teach her how to dig into it. Thanks Dad!
After her first taste...
She didn't want to stop eatting!
She did want to share with everyone, but that cake was all hers!
So good!
Brooklyn ended up making quite the mess, but loved every minute of it!
She had such a great First Birthday!! We love our little girl!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A year ago today . . .

Brandon and I had the most amazing miracle happen!! Brooklyn Paige Brady!
We cannot believe how far we have come in one year! It was probably the most stressful day in our lives when Brooklyn made her big debut. We didn't understand what a big blessing we were actually receiving with the chaos of her condition. All we could think is "why her, why us??"We will always wonder why it happened, but now we understand what a miracle we were given. Our little family grew so much through that experience. We learned to slow down and just appreciate things about life a little bit more. We've enjoyed this past year so much. All the "Challenging Moments","Tender Moments","Happy Moments","First moments", "Grumpy Moments","Gigglely Moments","Sleepy Moments","Spiritual Moments","Family Moments",plus so much more! Brooklyn has added a whole new demention of love to our family and we can't imagine life without our little one year old! Our little Cubba has taught us more fully how to love.Happy Birthday Baby Princess!